Whether you have IOS, Android, Microsoft, or a Mac or Windows PC/Laptop, you’ll be good to go once you launch our Sex Simulator. If your device is more than 7 years old, you might experience speed issues. You can download our software if you prefer to run Family Sex Simulator offline.

Yes, you can run Family Sex Simulator in offline mode by simply selecting the offline mode option. You can’t connect with other players in offline mode, however.

Family Sex Simulator adds new VR devices every month.

If you use online mode and uncheck some privacy options, you’ll be able to discreetly interact with other Family Sex Simulator players. Always interact responsibly and cautiously while playing in tandem. Never give out any personal information, including your Family Sex Simulator password, your phone number or home address, or banking information. Family Sex Simulator staff will never ask you for any of this information. If another player request any of this information, please immediately report their account through our easy to use support ticket system.